Two New Game Boy Games for the Collection!

I had another couple of great finds while shopping for Game Boy games and they are in such great condition I would be doing you wonderful people a disservice by not showing them off. This post will basically just be pictures of the games, boxes, and little inserts for Pokemon Blue and Donkey Kong Land 2 (Donkey Kong Land in Japan), so if you’re into that sort of thing, give it a look!

Can you read story text and back-of-the-box details?

Pokemon Blue version Japanese version front of the box
Still the best after all these years.
Pokemon Blue Japanese version back of the box
Hopefully the text is big enough to read.
Pokemon Blue Japanese version box inserts
Japan didn’t get the cool blue cartridges, but at least this one isn’t crusty yellow.
Pokemon Blue Japanese version instruction booklet
Read this. It’s the educational part of this article.
Pokemon Game Boy included map
I miss a good included map.

Let’s not forget about ol’ Diddy Kong.

Donkey Kong Land 2 Japanese box front
Fun Fact: The first Donkey Kong Land was called Super Donkey Kong GB in Japan.
Donkey Kong Land 2 Japanese version back of box
They were wearing a trench coat before this photo was taken.
Donkey Kong Land 2 Japanese version box inserts
I’m glad it’s not grey.
Donkey Kong Land 2 Japanese version instruction booklet
Happy Kongs
Japanese Game Boy Pocket Ad insert
The Game Boy Pocket is actually pretty slick.

And that’s that. If you’re here to study Japanese, there some Pokemon related materials waiting for you so study up and get gaming!

Pokemon Vocabulary List is a big ol’ list of words that appear in Pokemon games.

Let Me Introduce You to Pallet Town has the Japanese text from Pallet Town NPCs and accompanying English to help you along.

Oh, and my previous Game Boy game shopping trip to Nagoya post can be found here.

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