Final Fantasy in Japanese is a tough nut to crack because it doesn’t have furigana and it has a lot of difficult words. We’re not going to let that stop us though. A lot of Final Fantasy games have recently been released for the Nintendo Switch so getting your hands on these games in Japanese has become a whole lot easier.

Final Fantasy VII

新入り:しんいり:newcomer, rookie
早とちり:はやとちり:jumping to conclusions
神羅:しんら:The bad company in FF7
魔晄:まこう:The planet energy stuff in FF7
吸い出す:すいだす:to suck out, to draw out
へんちくりん:strange, weird
ちまう:to do completely (壊しちまう: to completely destroy)
各自:かくじ:each person
単独行動:たんどくこうどう:independent action
たわごと:nonsense, rubbish
お出まし:おでまし:presence, appearance 
支柱:しちゅう:prop, support, brace
区画:くかく:division, section
外れ:はずれ:tip, end, outskirts
螺旋状:らせんじょう:spiral-shaped, helical
目がチカチカ:めがチカチカ:eyes feel irritated
たまり場:たまりば:gathering spot
枯れる:かれる:to wither
かます:to force something into someone’s mouth (to gag), to deal a blow/hit
とぼける:to play dumb
繁盛:はんじょう:flourishing, prosperity
心がけ:こころがけ:(mental) attitude, way of thinking
照れる:てれる:to be shy
未練:みれん:lingering attachment
しける:to go through hard times, to be broke, to be gloomy
へそくり:secret savings, secret stash
いいからいいから : don’t worry about it, it’s nothing
貸し切り:かしきり:reserving, chartering
検問:けんもん:inspection, check
しくじる:to fail, to mess up
騒々しい:そうぞうしい:noisy, loud
男勝り:おとこまさり:strong-minded, mannish
後始末:あとしまつ:settlement (of affairs), cleaning up afterwards
引き上げる:ひきあげる:to pull up, (can also mean) to withdraw
うずくまる:to crouch, to cower
蛆虫:うじむし:maggot, worm/scum (as term of abuse)
ぶっ壊す:ぶっこわす:to destroy, to crush
強がる:つよがる:pretend to be tough, put on a brave front
すりむく:to skin (one’s knee), to scratch
没頭:ぼっとう:immersing oneself in, being absorbed in
抵抗:ていこう:resistance, standing up to
習わし:ならわし:customary practice, custom
屋敷:やしき:residence, estate
独身貴族:どくしんきぞく:unmarried person living affluently
会員制:かいいんせい:membership system
かと言って:かといって:having said that
気乗り:きのり:interest, enthusiasm
無愛想:ぶあいそう:unsociability, bluntness
コテンパン:completely (beaten, defeated), black and blue, to a pulp
やかましい:noisy, boisterous
ぶっつけ本番:ぶっつけほんばん:performing without rehearsal/practice
踏みとどまる:ふみとどまる:to stay on, to remain, to stop (doing), to give up
頭をかかえる:あたまをかかえる:to be at wit:s end, to be troubled
塞ぐ:ふさぐ:to close up, to plug up
うろつく:to loiter, to prowl
悪党:あくとう:scoundrel, villain
骨太:ほねぶと:big-boned, stout
拒む:こばむ:to reject, to decline
漏らす:もらす:to let leak, to reveal
おあいにくさま:too bad for you
治安維持:ちあんいじ:maintaining public order
もろとも:all (together)
たかが:only, merely
いまさら:now (after such a long time), at this late hour?
抜ける:ぬける:to pass through

給う:たまう:to do, to give (like もらう??)
嫌がらせ:いやがらせ:pestering, harassement
くだらない:good-for-nothing, worthless, stupid
分配:ぶんぱい:distribution, division, allocation
繁殖:はんしょく:breeding, reproduction
どころか:far from
半端:はんぱ;remnant, fragment, incomplete, half-hearted
二手:ふたて:two groups
すなわち:that is, namely
言い伝え:いいつたえ:legend, tradition
途方もない:とほうもない:extraordinary, absurd
テメエ:you (vulgar)
察する:さっする:to guess, to presume
好き勝手:すきかって:doing whatever one pleases
決着をつける:けっちゃくをつける:to settle (a dispute)
ぞろぞろ:in succession, in droves
ゆううつな:depression, melancholy, gloom
乗り物酔い:のりものよい:motion sickness
昇格:しょうかく:raising of status, promotion
老朽化:ろうきゅうか:deterioration aging
見とれる:みとれる:to be fascinated by, captivated by
たくましい:burly, strong
楽譜:がくふ:sheet music
ほれぼれ:admiringly, fondly
弟子:でし:pupil, disciple
入り組む:いりくむ:to be or become complicated
驚異:きょうい:wonder, miracle
未熟:みじゅく:unripe, inexperienced 
勝手な:かって:one’s own convenience, selfishness 
権力:けんりょく:political power, authority
正統:せいとう:legitimate, orthodox
なつく:to become emotionally attached to, to take to
手荒:てあら:violent, rough
じっと:motionlessly, be still, intently (look, listen), patiently (endure)
変哲もない:へんてつもない:usual, mediocre
悲惨な:ひさん:disastrous, tragic
仕業:しわざ:deed (especially negative)
ごちゃごちゃ:messy, jumbled, complaining about various thing
ろくな:satisfactory, decent, good 
合図:あいず:sign, signal, cue
ガタがくる:to show one’s age, to wear out
合言葉:あいことば:password, watchword, motto
浸す:ひたす:to soak, to immerse, to wet
話を振る:はなしをふる:to bring up a subject
ここいら:around here, in this vicinity
一息入れる:ひといきいれる:to take a breather
漁る:to go on a spree (spending, reading, etc)
正気:せいき:true character, true heart, true spirit
気にも留めず:きにもとめず:paying no heed, not caring about
湿地:しっち:wetland, bog, marsh
毎度あり:まいどあり:thank you for your continued patronage
突き止める:つきとめる:to determine (the cause), to pin down, to locate
親愛:しんあい:deep affection
諸君:しょくん:you (people), ladies and gentlemen, everyone (making an appeal)
腰を据える:こしをすえる:to settle down (and deal with something), to take a solid stance
巻き添え:まきぞえ:getting mixed up in
気に食わない:きにくわない:unable to stomach, displeased with
やけに:awfully, extremely
とんと:completely, not at all (with negative)
寂れる:さびれる:to decline (in prosperity)
人工呼吸:じんこうこきゅう:artificial respiration (CPR?)
憎らしい:にくらしい:detestable, horrible
高圧電流:こうあつでんりゅう:high-voltage current
むやみに:thoughtlessly, recklessly
たりとも:(not) even, (not) any
速やかな:すみやか:quick, speedy
なめる:to experience (hardship), to make light of
号令:ごうれい:order (to a number of people), command
減給:げんきゅう:pay cut
ありうる:likely, possible
なりすます:to pose as, to impersonate
捻り潰す:ひねりつぶす:to pinch and crush, to pinch out
機関室:きかんしつ:engine room
接岸:せつがん:coming alongside a pier, reaching land (by boat)
入港:にゅうこう:entry into port, arriving in harbor
ちっこい:very small
おさらば:good-bye, farewell
道草:みちくさ:to loiter on the way
船旅:ふなたび:trip by boat, sea voyage
取り逃がす:とりにがす:fail to catch, to let slip
これでも:even though things may appear this way
同棲:どうせい:cohabitation (usually romantic couple)
ぼそぼそ:whispering, murmuring
堂々巡り:どうどうめぐり:going around in circles
休ませる:やすませる:to excuse someone, to make someone rest
思ってもみない:おもってもみない:unexpected, unforeseen
どのツラさげて:how dare you (they, etc)
がれき(瓦礫):rubble, debris, wreckage
木偶の坊:でくのぼう:wooden doll, blockhead, good-for-nothing
炭鉱:たんこう:coal mine
のどかな:tranquil, calm, quiet
ちっぽけな: tiny, very small
命がけ:いのちがけ:putting one’s life on the line, staking one’s life on
のあかつきに:event, occasion, occurrence 
女房:にょうぼう:wife (one’s own wife)
焼き払う:やきはらう:to burn to the ground, to clear away by burning
踊らされる:おどらされる:to be manipulated
ガキ:brat, kid
チャラチャラ:chatty, joking around, messing around
堪忍:かんにん:patience, forgiveness, pardon
失せ物:うせもの:lost article
もっペン:once more 
無駄口をたたく:むだぐちをたたく:to chatter pointlessly
歩調:ほちょう:pace, step
厳か:おごそか:solemn, dignified, majestic
勇ましい:いさましい:brave, valiant, stirring, vigorous
無様:ぶざま:unshapely, unsightly, clumsy
肝に銘じる:きもにめいじる:to take to heart, to bear in mind
さりげない:in a casual way, nonchalant
乱す:みだす:to throw out of order, to disarrange
片を付ける:かたをつける:to settle (a problem)
巻き込む:まきこむ:to roll up, to swallow up, to involve/drag into
気が済む:きがすむ:to be satisfied, to find peace of mind
不条理:ふじょうり:absurd, absurdity
絶望:ぜつぼう:despair, hopelessness
食い違う:くいちがう:to differ, to class, to go awry
形見:かたみ:memento, keepsake
騎乗:きじょう:riding (on horse back)
せっかちな:hasty impatient
腕っぷし:うでっぷし:physical strength
気が向く:きがむく:to feel like, to feel inclined to do
初耳:はつみみ:something heard for the first time
手を抜く:てをぬく:to ease up (on an opponent), to cut corners
借り:かり:debt, loan, borrowing
尾行:びこう:shadow, tail, following
報われる:むくわれる:to be rewarded
失格:しっかく:disqualification, elimination
腑抜け:ふぬけ:coward, fool
背伸び:せのび:stretching oneself to be taller, overreaching one’s limits
悲鳴:ひめい:shriek, scream
朽ちる:くちる:to rot, to decay
うねり:swell (of waves), winding, undulation
むろん:of course (like もちろん)
加工:かこう:manufacturing, processing, treatment
過度:かど:excess, immoderation
はち切れる:はちきれる:to be filled to bursting, to burst
見殺し:みごろし:letting someone die without helping
放り出す:ほうりだす:to throw out, to abandon, to dismiss
亡霊:ぼうれい:spirit of the dead
憎悪:ぞうお:hatred, abhorrence
残忍:ざんにん:brutal, merciless, cruel
ひとたまりもない:easily, without the least resistance 
淀む:よどむ:to stagnate, to settle (at the bottom)
生体:せいたい:organism, living body
改造:かいぞう:remodeling, reconstructing
施す:ほどこす:to give, to do, to conduct, to apply
気まぐれで:きまぐれで:on a whim
金庫:きんこ:safe, strongbox, depository
軋み:きしみ:creak, squeak, creaking
棺:かん:coffin, casket
うなされる:to have a nightmare
償い:つぐない:atonement, amends
思いとどまる:おもいとどまる:to give up (a plan or idea), to desist from doing
艦長:かんちょう:captain (of a warship)
そわそわ:restlessly, nervously
つぎ込む:つぎこむ:to invest, to sink money into
のろま:blockhead, dimwit
おじゃん:coming to nothing, to fall through
算盤勘定:そろばんかんじょう:counting on the abacus, cost-benefit calculation
棒に振る:ぼうにふる:to make a mess of, to waste
うすのろ:half-wit, fool
ちんたら:sluggishly, to take a lot of time
待ちくたびれる:まちくたびれる:to get tired of waiting
ボンベ:compressed gas cylinder
手際よく:てぎわよく:efficiently, skillfully
ちょっくら:a little, for a moment
計器:けいき:meter, gauge
管制官:かんせいかん:controller (usually air-traffic)
点火:てんか:ignition, lighting
太っちょ:ふとっちょ:fat person
見当違い:けんとうちがい:wrong (guess or estimate), off the mark
尾翼:びよく:tail (of an aircraft)
不時着:ふじちゃく:emergency landing
ほざく:to say, to babble
たくらむ:to scheme, to plan
容赦:ようしゃ:pardon, tolerance, leniency
揉め事:もめごと:quarrel, fight, trouble
意気地なし:いくじなし:coward, sissy, weakling
横文字:よこもじ:western language
酔いがさめる:to sober up
手に渡る:てにわたる:to fall into someone’s hands
修行:しゅぎょう:training, practice
ざけんなよ:eff you!
命ごい:いのちごい:begging for one’s life
真っ逆さま:まっさかさま:head first, head over heels
卑怯:ひきょう:cowardice, meanness, unfairness
葬り去る:ほうむりさる:to consign to oblivion
道連れ:みちづれ:fellow traveler, taking someone along unwillingly
非番:ひばん:off duty
何はともあれ:なにはともあれ:at any rate
張り切る:はりきる:to be in high spirits, to be enthusiastic
へんぴな:hard to reach place, remote place
目当て:めあて:landmark, purpose, intention, sight (on a firearm)
本気にする:ほんきにする:to take seriously, to believe in
良かろう:よかろう:very well, that’s right
魔除け:まよけ:charm against evil spirits
ややこしい:puzzling, complicated
弱気:よわき:timid, fainthearted
うじうじ:irresolute, hesitant 
さらう:to carry off, to snatch, to take for oneself
愛しい:いとしい:lovely, dear, beloved
哀れ:あわれ:pity, sorrow, miserable
宴:うたげ:party, banquet, feast
ゆるり:leisurely, relaxedly
怯える:おびえる:to become frightened, to be scared of
壁画:へきが:mural, wall painting
制し:せいし:control, check
推理:すいり:reasoning, inference, deduction
しかけ:device, mechanism, trick
そっとする:to leave alone, to leave as it is
もしもの事:もしものこと:emergency, accident, rare possibility
途中下車:とちゅうげしゃ:stopover (during a train or bus journey)
理屈:りくつ:theory, reason
馬鹿げた:ばかげた:absurd, foolish
震える:ふるえる:to shake, to quiver
絶やす:たやす:to exterminate, to wipe out
幻影:げんえい:illusion, phantom
欺く:あざむく:to deceive, to trick
すくすく:(growing) quickly (especially plants, kids)
しらをきる:to feign ignorance
絶壁:ぜっぺき:precipice, cliff
無知:むち:ignorance, innocence, stupidity
うず巻く:うずまく:to whirl, to swirl, to to surge
ザイル:climbing rope
どうしようもない:it cannot be helped, there’s no way out of it
放つ:はなつ:to shoot, to release, to emit
うらはら:opposite, reverse, contrast
二流:にりゅう:second-rate, inferior
ひらめき:flair, flash, insight
辛抱:しんぼう:patience, endurance
お払い箱:おはらいばこ:discarding, firing (an employee)
張本人:ちょうほんにん:originator, ringleader, main culprit
ざま:mess, sorry state, sad sight
口に出す:くちにだす:to put into words, to express
生意気:なまいき:fiesty, cheeky
一か八か:いちかばちか:all or nothing, sink or swim
年増女:としまおんな:woman past her prime
尻もちをつく:しりもちをつく:to fall on one’s backside
ねんぐのおさめどき:time to pay the piper
気取る:きどる:to put on airs, to pretend to be
ちぐはぐ:mismatched, odd, inconsistent
仕込む:しこむ:to train, to teach
うってつけ:ideal, most suitable
一人ぼっち:ひとりぼっち:alone, loneliness
ツンツン:aloof, standoffish
大当たり:おおあたり:big prize, bullseye, big hit
開き直る:ひらきなおる:to become defiant, to turn on, to become serious
やらかす:to do, to perpetrate
盗み聞き:ぬすみぎき:to eavesdrop
コッパミジン:broken into small fragments
パシリ:person made to do things for someone else
ごっつい:rough, tough
守り神:まもりがみ:guardian angel
つきっきり:constant attendance
気長:きなが:patient, leisurely
間一髪:かんいっぱつ:hair’s breadth (close call in this case)
飛び移る:とびうつる:jump from one thing to another
度胸:どきょう:bravery, nerves, grit
坑夫:こうふ:miner (probably better to use 採掘者 in RL)
託す:たくす:to entrust to someone
先回り:さきまわり:going on ahead, arrival before another
目にもの見せる:めにものみせる:to teach someone a lesson, to show someone a thing or two
治まる:おさまる:to die down, to calm down
呼び覚ます:よびさます:to wake up (someone), to awaken, to recall (memories)
ひねくれる:to become twisted, to grow bitter
図に乗る:ずにのる:to get carried away, to push one’s luck
しぶとい:tenacious, tough
恥じる:はじる:to feel ashamed
ふらりと:aimlessly, unexpectedly
老いる:おいる:to age, to grow old
はねっ返り:はねっかえり:tomboy, rebounding, recovery
節穴:ふしあな:peep-hole, bad eyes
鼻息:はないき:nasal breathing, person’s pleasure, excitement
根性:こんじょう:willpower, guts
ひさかたぶり:long time (since the last time), first in a long time
うずく:to ache, to throb
相まみえる:あいまみえる:to have an audience (with), to meet
制覇:せいは:conquest, domination
ひなびた:rustic, rural
媚びる:こびる:to flatter, to butter up
見せつける:みせつける:to make a display of, to show off
実践:じっせん:putting into practice, implementation
思い残す:おもいのこす:to regret
気がまぎれる:きがまぎれる:to be distracted from feelings
地べた:じべた:bare earth, ground
びくともしない:undaunted, composure, not giving an inch
航路:こうろ:route, course
ものを言う:ものをいう:to speak (of something), to be effective
イカれる:to break down, to become broken, to be crazy
あばよ:bye, ciao
甲板:かんぱん:deck (of a ship)
老いぼれ:おいぼれ:feeble-minded old man, senile old fool
行き詰まる:いきづまる:to reach the limits, to come to the end of the tether
撃沈:げきちん:sinking a ship
目の付け所:めのつけどころ:focus of one’s attention, point one is trying to make
殺気:さっき:thirst for blood, bloodlust, wanting to kill
ビラ:handbill, flier
ビラを貼りだす:to put up fliers
先決:せんけつ:first priority, settling first
封鎖:ふうさ:blockade, blocked
けりをつける:to settle to finish
情けをかける:なさけをかける:to show mercy
意地:いじ:stubbornness, pride, willpower
コケにする:to make a fool of someone
身ごもる:みごもる:to become pregnant
欲望:よくぼう:desire, appetite, lust
決別:けつべつ:separation, parting
あがき:struggling, pawning (e.g. horses hooves)
微笑む:ほほえむ:to smile
憂さ晴らし:うさばらし:diversion (from one’s worries), distraction
総出:そうで:appearing all together

Final Fantasy XII

汝:なんじ;そなた:thou, you
みなす:to consider as, to deem
深い:ふかい:deep, profound, dense
双方:そうほう:two way, both parties
撤退:てったい:evacuation, withdrawal, retreat
安らぎ:やすらぎ:peace, tranquility
荒波:あらなみ:raging waves, stormy seas
祖国:そこく:fatherland, native country
業火:ごうか:hell fire
追い込む:おいこむ:to heard, to corner
事実上:in reality
勧告:かんこく:advice, counsel
調印:ちょういん:signature, signing
占領下:せんりょうか:being under military occupation
不穏:ふおん:disquieting, unsettling
察知:さっち:sense, infer
足まとい:あしまとい:someone or something that just gets in the way
よす:to cease
外傷:がいしょう:external would
食い止める:くいとめる:to hold back, to keep at bay

Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future

抗う:あらがう:to go against, to fight against
擁する:ようする:to have, to possess
掌握:しょうあく:grasping, seizing
明け渡す:あけわたす:to vacate, to surrender
令嬢:れいじょう:young woman (honorific/respectful)
履行:りこう:fulfill a duty, execution (of a contract)
執行:しっこう:execution, carrying out
うさんくさい:shady, suspicious looking
途方に暮れる:とほうにくれる:to be at a loss, to be puzzled
陥落:かんらく:fall, sinking, surrender
落ち合う:おちあう:to meet, to rendezvous
務め:つとめ:duty, service, responsibility 
飛来:ひらい:coming flying in
関所:せきしょ:barrier, checkpoint
対峙:たいじ:confrontation, standing off against
宰相:さいしょう:prime minister
神風:かんなぎ:What Luna is (messenger of the gods?)
誓約:せいやく:vow, pledge, covenant
啓示:けいじ:divine revelation
束の間:つかのま:moment, brief time
見せしめ:みせしめ:making an example of, warning
削ぐ:そぐ:to chip off, to shave off, to weaken
仇を討つ:あだをうつ:to avenge someone
事無きを得る:ことなきをえる:to end without incident
岬:みさき:cape (on the coast)
奮闘:ふんとう:hard struggle, fight with all your strength
凶刃:きょうじん:assassin’s dagger
朦朧:もうろう:dim, hazy, indistinct
光耀:こうよう:shining, glimmering
代償:だいしょう:compensation, reparation
妨害:ぼうがい:disturbance, obstruction, hinderance
迎え撃つ:むかえうつ:to engage the enemy, to confront
引きずる:ひきずる:to drag along, to pull
冒す:おかす:to brave, to risk, to harm, to desecrate
師団:しだん:army division
奔走:ほんそう:running about, making every effort
気さく:きさく:friendly, good-humored 
貫く:つらぬく:to pierce, to run through (e.g. river through a city)
埒外:らちがい:out of bounds, beyond the pale
面差し:おもざし:looks, features
歯嚙み:はがみ:grinding teeth, grinding teeth out of anger
忌々しい:いまいましい:annoying, provoking
うごめく:to wriggle, to squirm
与する:くみする:to take part in, to side with, to support
為す術もない:なすすべもない:having no choice, at a loss for what to do, at wits end
苛立つ:いらだつ:to be irritated, to lose one’s patience
御代:みよ:imperial reign, period
統べる:すべる:to govern, to command
指を折る:ゆびをおる:to count on one’s fingers
公正:こうせい:justice, fairness
虐殺:ぎゃくさつ:slaughter, massacre
罹患:りかん:contracting a disease
解する:かいする:to understand, appreciate, to interpret
祟り:たたり:divine punishment
絵空事:えそらごと:pipe dream, fabrication
惑わす:まどわす:to bewilder, to mislead, to tempt
看過:かんか:overlooking, turning a blind eye
双眸:そうぼう:pair of eyes
物別れ:ものわかれ:failed to reach an agreement
手を携えて:手をたずさえて:hand in hand
屈する:くっする:to yield, to give into, to bend (knee etc)
くまなく:all over, everywhere
慕う:したう:to yearn for, love dearly, to adore
律する:りっする:to judge, to control, to regulate
微塵:みじん:not at all, not in the slightest
非道:ひどう:inhuman, unjust
歪む:ゆがむ:to warp, to be crooked/bent/strained
追っ手:おって:pursuer, pursuing party, posse
差し向ける:さしむける:to send, to direct a person to
高をくくる:たかをくくる:to underrate, to make light of
重篤:じゅうとく:critical (condition), serious
倦怠感:けんたいかん:physical weariness, sense of fatigue
持ち堪える:もちこたえる:to hold out, to last, to hang on
四散:しさん:scattering (in all directions)
蝕む:むしばむ:to be eaten by worms, to gnaw at, to ruin
立ちはだかる:to stand in the way, to obstruct
すがりつく:to cling to, to depend on
審判:しんぱん:refereeing, trial, judgement
盟主:めいしゅ:leader of an alliance
擁立:ようりつ:backing for/support to a position
相半ばする:あいなかばする:to be in equal number
疑念:ぎねん:doubt, suspicion 
逸らかす:はぐらかす:to dodge (the question), to evad
義弟:ぎてい:spouse’s younger brother
つぐむ:to shut one’s mouth, to hold one’s tongue
ひとえに:wholly (due to), earnestly
落ち度:おちど:mistake, error
案じる:あんじる:to be anxious/concerned about
些細:ささい:trivial, slight
惜しい:おしい:regrettable, precious, valuable
気が滅入る:きがめいる:to feel depressed
臆する:おくする:to be hesitant, to feel timid
生け捕る:いけどる:to capture alive
跪く:ひざまずく:to kneel
奉る:まつる:to offer, to set someone up in a high position; to revere at a distance
茶番:ちゃばん:farce, charade
一閃:いっせん:flash, brandish
渦:うず:whirlpool, maelstrom
成り果てる:なりはてる:to be reduced to
こだまする:echo, reverberation
深慮:しんりょ:deliberate, thoughtfulness
下賜:かし:grant, bestow
拒絶:きょぜつ:refusal, rejection
罰する:ばっする:to punish
歯牙にも掛けない:しがにもかけない:taking no notice of, paying no attention to
とんだ:unthinkable, terrible
服従:ふくじゅう:obedience, submission, resignation
眉根を寄せる:まゆねをよせる:to frown, to squint
前のめり:まえのめり:pitching forward, as if to fall, forward-looking, positive
抱える:かかえる:to hold under or carry in one’s arms
渾身:こんしん:all of one’s body, all of one’s might
身のこなし:みのこなし:carriage, movement (of the body)
薪:まき:firewood, kindling
爆ぜる:はぜる:to burst open, to split
ぼやける:to become dim, to become blurred
脇腹:わきばら:side, flank
得体が知れない:えたいがしれない:strange, unfamiliar
粒子:りゅうし:particle, grain
こしらえる:to make, to manufacture
鮮血:せんけつ:fresh blood
見紛う:みまがう:to mistake (a for b)
寝床:ねどこ:bed, cot, bedroom
閣下:かっか:your excellency, excellency
太古:たいこ:ancient times
手中に収める:しゅちゅうにおさめる:to make one’s own, to take possession of
億劫:おっくう:troublesome, bothersome
圧迫:あっぱく:pressure, oppression
とやら:indicates uncertainty or second hand nature of information quoted
閉口:へいこう:dumbfounded, stumped
薄気味悪い:うすぎみわるい:weird, eerie, uncanny
訳知り顔:わけしりがお:know-it-all airs, i-know-how-it-is look
禁忌:きんき:taboo, a something that must be avoided (word, day, etc)
物は言いよう:ものはいいよう:it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it
蒸し返す:むしかえす:to reheat, to bring up again, to rehash
意表を突く:いひょうをつく:to take someone by surprise
標本:ひょうほん:example, specimen, sample
これ見よがしに:showy; ostentatious
見せびらかす:みせびらかす:to show off, to flaunt
急勾配:きゅうこうばい:steep slope
斜面:しゃめん:slope, slanted surface
尋常:じんじょう:common, usual
剥がす:はがす:to peel, to skin
従える:したがえる:to be accompanied by, to conquer, to subjugate
聞き流す:ききながす:to pay no attention to
幾重にも:いくえにも:repeatedly, over and over again
目もくれない:めもくれない:indifferent, paying no attention
力任せ:ちからまかせ:with all one’s strength
斬り合う:きりあう:to fight with swords, to cross swords
突き破る:つきやぶる:to penetrate, to break through
焦がす:こがす:to burn to scorch
めりめりと:splintering or cracking sound
炭:すみ:charcoal, charred remains
萎える:なえる:to lose strength, to wither, to feel demotivated
くすぶる:to smoke, to smolder
鷲掴み:わしづかみ:grabbing hold, tight hold
もがく:to struggle, to squirm
ふぜい:the likes of, lowly people such as
桁:けた:column, beam, girder; digit, order of magnitude
増長:ぞうちょう:becoming arrogant, growing imprudent, becoming more severe
薄れる:うすれる:to fade, to become dim
垂れる:たれる:to hang, to dangle, to drip/ooze
驚愕:きょうがく:astonishment, amazement, surprise, shock
いつの頃からか:いつのころからか:at some point in the past
苛む:さいなむ:to torment, to torture
請う:こう:to beg
さまよう:to loiter, to prowl, to wander about
再興:さいこう:revival, restoration
后:きさき:empress, queen
失意:しつい:disappointment, despair 
誉れ高い:ほまれたかい:renowned, famous
善政:ぜんせい:good government
敷く:しく:to lay out, to take a position, to impose (widely)
合理的:ごうりてき:rational, logical
邁進:まいしん:pushing forward (undaunted), striving towards
単刀直入:たんとうちょくにゅう:straight to the point
ぞんざい:rough, careless
意のままに:いのままに:at will
進言:しんげん:proposal, counsel, advice to superior
寡黙:かもく:untalkative, quiet
余すところなく:あますところなく:fully, thoroughly
未明:みめい:early dawn
指揮:しき:command, brandish
なだれ込む:なだれこむ:to rush into, to surge into
舗装:ほそう:pavement, road surface
街路樹:がいろじゅ:roadside trees
翻る:ひるがえる:to flutter in the wind, to wave, to flap
浮かれる:うかれる:to be merry, to be festive
疫病:えきびょう:plague, epidemic
盛大:せいだい:magnificent, grand
手当たり次第:てあたりしだい:haphazardly, indiscriminately
辺り一面:あたりいちめん:all around, as far as the eye can see
断末魔:だんまつま:one’s last moments; death throes; agony of death
無線機:むせんき:(wireless) transceiver; radio; walkie-talkie
手に取るように:てにとるように:quite clearly, perfectly, exactly
因果応報:いんがおうほう:retribution, karma
清算:せいさん:settlement (financial), clearing debts, liquidation
通達:つうたつ:notification, official notice
大雑把:おおざっぱ:rough (as in not precise), broad, sketchy
仕留める:しとめる:to bring down (opponent), to kill, to shoot down
特定:とくてい:specific, particular, identifying, specifying
至って:いたって:very much, extremely
呆気ない:あっけない:unsatisfying, disappointing
密集:みっしゅう:crowded together, clustered together
窮屈:きゅうくつ:cramped, tight, stiff
仰々しい:ぎょうぎょうしい:exaggerated, bombastic, highly colored
装飾:そうしょく:ornament, decoration
思しき:おぼしき:apparently, appears to be
下っ端:したっぱ:underling, lower position
肝心:かんじん:crucial, vital, essential
粉砕:ふんさい:pulverization, smashing
無機物:むきぶつ:inorganic substance
いい線行く:いいせんいく:to be on the right track
精鋭:せいえい:elite, cream of the crop
退却:たいきゃく:retreat, withdraw
馬鹿の一つ覚え:ばかのひとつおぼえ:one who knows little often repeats it (proverb)
拡声器:かくせいき:megaphone, bullhorn
悦に入る:えつにはいる:to be pleased, to glow with self-satisfaction
出払う:ではらう:to be all elsewhere, to be all in use
瞭然:りょうぜん:obvious, clear
化ける:ばける:disguise oneself as, to take the form of
柔和:にゅうわ:gentle, mild
切っ先:きっさき:point (of a sword), pointed verbal attack
無理はない:むりはない:understandable, natural
多少なりとも:to some extent
霧散:むさん:vanishing, dispersing