Dragon Quest Vocabulary List

Dragon Quest is good series to play in Japanese because the gameplay is very straight forward. You won’t have to worry too much about not understanding the main gameplay loop, even if you can’t read the text. I played through most of the 3DS version of Dragon Quest XI and wrote down some words during the early sections. I’ll probably revisit this one once it’s released for Switch.

Dragon Quest 11

ドジ: blunder, clumsiness
一人前:いちにんまえ:becoming an adult, coming of age
険しい:けわしい:rugged, steep
べからず:must not
糧:かて:food, nourishment
有望:ゆうぼう:full of hope, promising, good prospects
勇敢:ゆうかん:brave, heroic
吹き出し:ふきだし:speech bubble
くじける:to be disheartened
僧侶:そうりょ:priest, monk
ひるむ:to flinch (from), to falter
素朴:そぼく:simplicity, artlessness
ぶち込む:ぶちこむ:to throw, to cast
巡回:じゅんかい:going around, patrol
お尋ね者:おたずねもの:wanted man
怪しむ:あやしむ:to suspect
張り巡らす:はりめぐらす:to stretch around, to lay out (a wiring system, network)
焼き付ける:やきつける:to bake, to plate, to burn into one’s memory
とぎすます:to sharpen, to hone
寛大:かんだい:tolerant, generous
秩序:ちつじょ:order, discipline, regularity 
羽振りが良い:はぶりがよい:influential, powerful, prosperous
ばらまく:to spread, to disseminate, to distribute widely
こと切れる:こときれる:to die
はぐれる:to lose sight of (one’s companions), to stray from
らちがあかない:make no progress, remain unsettled
物騒:ぶっそう:dangerous, unsettled, troubled
入れ違い:いれちがい:passing each other
ついえる:to be used up, to dwindle away, to fall apart, to be completely defeated
降臨:こうりん:decent (to earth), arrival (of an important person)
ゆかり:connection (to a person, place, etc)
加勢:かせい:assistance, backing, support
武者震い:むしゃぶるい:trembling with excitement
純度:じゅんど:purity (of a substance)
窮地:きゅうち:dilemma, predicament 
漕ぐ:こぐ:to row, to pedal, to swing
胸くそが悪い:むなくそがわるい:disgusting, sickening
つきまとう:to follow around, to shadow
端くれ:はしくれ:scrap, unimportant person (humbly refer to oneself)
後に引けない:あとにひけない:unable to back out
けじめをつける:to make a clear distinction, to take responsibility for (mistakes)
鎮魂:ちんこん:repose of souls
とむらう:to mourn for, to hold a memorial service for
遠ざける:とおざける:to keep away, to keep at a distance
牛耳る:ぎゅうじる:to control, to have under one’s thumb

Dragon Quest V (novelization)

ひんやり:cool; chilly; feeling nice and cold
行く手:ゆくて:one’s way, one’s path
すくう:to scoop, to ladle out
バサリ:with a thud
ざわめき:stir, commotion, noise
こめかみ:temple (side of head)
まばら:sparse, thin, scattered
ごつい:large and rough, rustic, extreme
円柱:えんちゅう:round pillar, column
息を弾ませる:いきをはずませる:to pant/be short of breath
瑞々しい:みずみずしい:lively, vibrant, juicy
真一文字:しんいちもじ:straight, as the crow flies
緞帳:どんちょう:thick curtain
猛禽:もうきん:birds of prey
木目:もくめ:grain (of wood)
恐る恐る:おそるおそる:fearfully; timidly; nervously
とっくに:long ago, already
水平線:すいへいせん:horizon (related to bodies of water)
浅瀬:あさせ:shoal; shallows; sand bar
海峡:かいきょう:strait, channel (between land masses)
くさび:wedge, linchpin, tie
括る:くくる:to tie up, to bundle, to fasten
羽織る:はおる:to put on (coat, gown, etc.)
支度:したく:preparation; arrangements
座礁:ざしょう:running aground
張り裂ける:はりさける:to burst open, to split open
差し掛け小屋:さしかけごや:a lean-to
うらぶれる:to get shabby; to go downhill
げんを担ぐ:げんをかつぐ:to be superstitious
物騒:ぶっそう:dangerous; unsettled; troubled
かき分ける:かきわける:to push aside; to push one’s way through
尾根:おね:(mountain) ridge
機転:きてん:cleverness, quick wittedness
あやす:to comfort, to soothe, to humor
立証:りっしょう:demonstrate, establishing proof
へとかれる:to lose heart, to be exhausted
いつにも増して:いつにもまして:more than usual, especially
小高い:こだかい:slightly elevated
差し掛かる:さしかかる:to approach, to be on the verge of
頃合い:ころあい:suitable time, good time
くたくた:exhausted, worn out
えぐれる:to be gouged; to be hollowed
ズキズキ:throbbing with pain
この上ない:このうえない:the most; the best; peerless
すばしっこい:nimble, smart, quick
引き剥がす:ひきはがす:to tear off, to rip off
耕す:たがやす:to till, to plow, to cultivate
こけつまろびつ:(hurrying along) falling and stumbling; falling all over oneself​
布巾:ふきん:dish cloth
踏ん張る:ふんばる:to brace one’s legs; to straddle; to stand firm
しゃんと:being in shape; holding a dignified appearance
あんだけ:that much, to that extent
会釈:えしゃく:slight bow (as a greeting or sign of gratitude)
むせぶ:to be choked, to be stifled
びっしり:closely packed, densely
弓形:ゆみなり:bow shape
尻上がり:しりあがり:rising, rising intonation
旅籠:はたご:inn, tavern, lodging for travelers
崇拝:すうはい:worship, adoration
辛辣:しんらつ:sharp, biting, harsh
口喧しい:くちやかましい:nagging, critical
こじらせる:to aggravate, to complicated, to make worse
切り盛り:きりもり:management/administration, cutting and serving food
切羽詰まる:せっぱつまる:to be at one’s wits’ end, to be cornered
猶予:ゆうよ:postponement, deferment
言い募る:いいつのる:to argue vehemently
そびやかす:to raise (usu. one’s shoulders, with a jaunty, swaggering effect)​
差し迫る:さしせまる:to be urgent, to be pressing
仏頂面:ぶっちょうづら:sour look; surly face; pout