Welcome to the vocabulary section. The words are going to be divided by series (even though the pictures make it look like it’s by game) with a miscellaneous section for games that I didn’t write down that many words for. Just because a word is in one section doesn’t mean it isn’t in one of the other games. In other words, try to go through all of the lists to get a more comprehensive vocabulary. If you study a few of these words a day along with your regular study schedule, I think you’ll have an easier time jumping into gaming in Japanese.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild cover art. Also a link to the Legend of Zelda vocabulary list.
The Legend of Zelda
Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals cover art. Also a link to the Fire Emblem vocabulary list.
Fire Emblem
Dragon Quest XI cover art. Also a link to the Dragon Quest vocabulary list.
Dragon Quest
Final Fantasy VII cover art. Also a link to the Final Fantasy vocabulary list.
Final Fantasy
Pokemon Let's Go art. Also a link to the Pokemon vocabulary list.
Kirby Star Allies art. Also a link to the Kirby vocabulary list.
Picture from Spongebob Squarepants. Also a link to the Miscellaneous vocabulary list.