Lesson 4 B – Past Tense and Negative Adjectives + Bonus! (Woo!)

Let’s add a couple of new な – adjectives to our vocabulary and start putting together some examples. 

Lesson 4 B Vocabulary:

学生:がくせい:student (this one’s a noun)

I think you’re going to like な – adjectives because they work similar to nouns. To make one past tense… We just use ‘でした’!

大事でした:だいじでした:Was important
真面目でした:まじめでした:Was serious
有名でした:ゆうめいでした:Was famous
簡単でした:かんたんでした:Was easy
学生でした:がくせいでした:Was a student (still a noun)

Here’s a sentence for ya.

This game was easy.

This should look familiar to you so I’ll let you put together a couple of sentences for yourself…

Okay, let’s make them negative. And like nouns, when we make a sentence, we’re going to put ‘です’ on the end.

大事じゃない:だいじじゃない:Not important
真面目じゃない:まじめじゃない:Not serious
学生じゃない:がくせいじゃない:Not a student (a noun for comparison)

I’m not famous

Now let’s have a sentence end with a noun for comparison. We’ll also modify it with a な – adjective for good measure.

You’re not a serious student. (But you’re about to become one ;))

Let’s finish this off by making our な – adjectives past tense and negative. I’m also going to throw in an example with a past tense and negative noun. Merry Christmas.

To make them past tense and negative, we’re going to channel our い – adjective knowledge where we drop the last ‘い’ and make it ‘かった’. But what ‘い’ are we dropping? The ‘い’ at the end of ‘じゃない’ (The thing that makes nouns and な – adjectives negative).

真面目じゃなかった:まじめじゃなかった:Wasn’t serious
簡単じゃなかった:かんたんじゃなかった:Wasn’t easy
学生じゃなかった:がくせいじゃなかった:Not a student (Still a noun. Bonus!)

We’ve reached the home stretch. Class will be dismissed after these last two example sentences so hang in there.

This game wasn’t easy.

I wasn’t a serious student. (Our noun example)

Now might be a good time to go back and review what we’ve covered so far because these sentences are starting to become a mouth full.