—Lesson 3 – Adding Those Spicy Adjectives—

Lesson 3 Vocabulary:

ゲームボーイ:Game Boy
スマホ:smart phone
桜井:さくらい:The guy that created Kirby and Smash Bros.

In Japanese, there are two types of adjectives. い – adjectives and な – adjectives. The grammar rules differ a little bit between the two so let’s start with some い – adjective examples.

The Game Boy is small.

When used in this ‘AはBです’ pattern, it’s pretty simple. い – adjective do get a little more interesting, but we’ll continue keeping it simple by modifying a noun.

This is my big smart phone.

When you want to modify a noun with an い – adjective, you just slap on the front of the noun. な – adjectives are a little different though so let’s take a look at some examples.

Mr. Sakurai is famous.

So far so good. In the ‘AはBです’ format, you just put the adjective in there and you have a nice little sentence. But when you want to modify a noun directly?

Mr. Sakurai is a famous developer.

They don’t call em’ な – adjectives for nothing. Notice how we add the な to the end of the word to stick that adjective to the noun. Normally い – adjectives will have い at the end and な – adjectives will have な at the end. There are exceptions, but not enough to be much of a bother. Let’s make them a little more interesting in lesson 4.