Here are some basic lessons with example sentences to get you started. I’ll try to keep everything short and simple. The vocabulary words used will be listed at the top and there will be two versions of most example sentences. One with kanji and one with just kana (hiragana and katakana). If you are past the absolute beginner or beginner stages I would recommend heading over to the vocabulary section and starting there. If you’re starting from zero, check the Zero Experience Beginner’s Guide first.

Lesson 1 – Nouns and Basic Sentences

This is it. The beginning to begin all beginnings. This lessons covers the most basic sentence structure along with showing possession and asking questions.

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Lesson 2 – Noun Fun 

This lessons covers making those nouns we just learned into negatives and throws another common particle in for good measure. I love nouns.

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Lesson 3 – Adding Those Spicy Adjectives

Nouns are great and all but it’s time to make our sentences a little bit more interesting.

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Lesson 4 A – Past Tense and Negative Adjectives

There’s a lot to cover with adjectives so hang in there. Here’s where your sentences will start to become a little longer and harder to say.

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Lesson 4 B – Past Tense and Negative Adjectives + Bonus! (Woo!)

You may have had enough with adjectives, but they haven’t had enough with you. I don’t want to spoil the surprise here but… It’s nouns.

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