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The ‘Let Me Introduce You to’ Series

This page houses our ‘Let Me Introduce You to’ series where we take text from various video games and put it side-by-side with translations to make for some fun reading practice.

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Zero Experience Beginner’s Guide

If you have no Japanese study experience and are wondering how to get started then look no further. There are some things that are good to know before diving in so I tried to compile so of it here.

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How I study

For this post, I wanted to break down how I study now and mention some of the resources that have helped me along the way. Give this a look if you’re looking for some resources to try.

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How to Play Video Games in Japanese

Wondering how to put all of these new words you’re learning to good use? Let’s take a look at some of our options for playing games in Japanese.

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Japanese Practice Through Games – a Beginner’s Guide

Like most things in life, there’s a right way and wrong way to do it. Let’s look at how to effectively implement video games into our study routines.

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