Try Reading Real Novels in Japanese for Free! (Based on games, of course)

As many of us are well aware, Japanese is a difficult second language to get the hang of. Seeing a big block of text can be incredibly intimidating, but it’s something we all have to challenge ourselves with sooner or later. There are a lot of options to ease yourself into reading large chunks of Japanese text like graded readers and slice-of-life manga. Or you can dive head first into that 800 page tome of fantasy goodness you’ve had your eye on like a carrot on a stick that keeps you studying every night. That can be very frustrating and futile though depending on your level, so I’m going to propose a middle ground and help you get started for free! …To some extent anyway. 

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Ansem Reports 1-6 in Japanese and English

I just finished reading a couple of volumes of the Kingdom Hearts novelization series in Japanese and was curious if the Ansem Reports were taken straight from the games. It turns out they were which is pretty neat. In the books they usually appear two at a time with some character interjections at the juicy bits for good measure. Anyway, I thought it would be nice to have them side by side to compare the Japanese and English, and for anyone to use as reading practice.

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