Let Me Introduce You to Springdale [Sakura New Town]

Let’s take a little stroll around Yokai Watch 4’s Springdale and meet some of the residents. In this series we go around video game towns and use side-by-side English and Japanese text to get to some Japanese reading practice. This may be a good place to start if you’re thinking about importing the game to see if the text is around your reading level. Yokai Watch 4 is full of NPCs so we’ll start by meeting some of the kids in the various parks around town.

Yokai Watch 4 running NPC
I think he’s out of breath

Running Boy: 気になる子に 告白したいんだけど。。。!なかなか 勇気が出なくってさ。。。!告白する気になるまで。。。!運動場を グルグルしてるんだ。。。!

Running Boy: I want to confess to the girl I like but… ! I don’t really have the courage…! Until I can bring myself to do it…! I’m running around the track…!

Yokai Watch 4 kids on the playground
Fun Fact: You can go down the slides in this game

White Shirt Girl: 中学生になったら バレー部に入りたいの。運動できるように 練習しないとっ!あこがれのセンパイと 同じチームになって いっぱい活躍するんだ。。。!えへへ。。。!

White Shirt Girl: I want to join the volleyball club when I become a middle school student. In order to be able to exercise, I have to practice! I’m going to join the same team as the mentor I admire and work really hard…! hehehe…

Pink Shirt Girl:わたしたちは 強さを求めているの。それぞれ 強くなりたい理由は違うけど。わたしの場合は。。。正義のヒーローになるため!先生がね 体育の成績が良くなったら ヒーローになれるって言ったの。

Pink Shirt Girl: We’re all trying to get stronger, but we each have different reasons for wanting to be strong. In my case… It’s to become a hero of justice! My teacher, right? They said that if my P.E. grades improve I could become a hero.

Dress Girl: わたしたちは みんな運動がニガテなの。夏休みのあいだに うまくなれるかなぁ。いつも 運動場で走ってる男子がいて あいつには ゼッタイ負けたくないの!

Dress Girl: None of us are very good at exercising. I wonder if we can become good at it over the summer. There’s a boy that’s always running around the track and I definitely don’t want to lose to him!

Can you read the kanji in the background?

Pink Shirt Boy: せんせいとゲームしたいんだ!まけないぞー!

Pink Shirt Boy: I want to play a game with my teacher! I’m not going to lose!

Day Care Sensei: ふふ やっぱり子どもたちは面白いなぁ。どの子もみんな 個性たっぷりだ。彼らのことは 親御さんたちから預かった大事な宝物だって 思っているよ。

Day Care Sensei: Haha, kids really are funny. Each one is full of personality. I think of them as being their parents important treasure that they put in my care.

Yokai Watch 4 girl that wants to become a dragon
Before there was Game of Thrones…

Sister: おにーちゃん あーのねー!あたしねー おっきくなったらー。。。ドラゴンになりたいの!がーって 火をふきたいなー!!

Sister: Brother, I want to tell you something! I uhh… When I get big… I want to be a dragon! and breathe fire like GAAH!!

Brother: そっかそっか 将来の夢は ドラゴンになることか〜。いや ツッコミ入れるべきなのか。。。?ウチの妹 やっぱりフシギだ。。。!

Brother: I see. I see. So your dream for the future is to become a dragon… Wait. Should I dig into that? My little sister is strange. (フシギ has more of mysterious vibe to it whereas 変 would be like just plain weird)

Appreciate your summer break kids. I’d throw you in front of a bus for a three day weekend.

Bored Kid: なんか 面白いことないかな〜?夏休みって けっこうヒマなんだよね〜。でも。。。夏休みが終わりそうになったら「まだ休みたい!」って思っちゃうんだよね〜。

Bored Kid: I wonder if there isn’t something interesting going on. Summer break has a lot of free time, but… then you think, ‘I still want a break!’ when it’s about to end.

So there’s a small fraction of Springdale in Yokai Watch 4! Stay tuned to meet more of the NPCs scattered about Yokai Watch 4. And if you’re interested in the game itself, check my Yokai Watch 4 Impressions post!

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