Let Me Introduce You to Springdale [Sakura New Town] Part II

We’re not quite done with Springdale and Yokai Watch 4 just yet. There are a lot of NPCs to meet so let’s take a look at the next batch. This is a continuation of the ‘Let Me Introduce You to’ series where we walk around video game towns and practice reading Japanese with side-by-side English and Japanese text! Don’t forget to check here for part 1.

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
Gotta be careful on social media

Jealous Girl: ウチの彼氏ったら ホンットありえない!SNSで アイドルにイイネするの!彼氏なら ウチ以外の女の子には キョーミないって思ってほしいのに。。。!SNS禁止にしたいけど。。。ワガママな女って 思われたらヤだな〜

Jealous Girl: My boyfriend is unbelievable! He’s ‘liking’ idols on social media! I wish my boyfriend would think, ‘I don’t have interest in any girls besides mine.’ …I want to ban social media, but… I don’t want to look selfish.

And Her Friend: ともだちの彼氏が SNSで アイドルに イイネしまくってるらしいの。キミはアリだと思う?ナシだと思う?。。。って 急に聞かれても困るか。私はアイドルならセーフじゃないって思うんだけど。。。彼女はアウトらしいわ。

And Her Friend: My friend’s boyfriend has been ‘liking’ idols like crazy on social media. Is it troubling if you’re suddenly asked if you think it’s something or nothing? I think if they’re idols then it’s fine, isn’t it? My friend doesn’t seem to think so.

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
You and me both, sister

Green Skirt Lady: こんなに暑いのに あなたは元気そうねえ。早くエアコンのある場所に行きたいわ。。。

Green Skirt Lady: You seem pretty happy, despite it being this hot. I want to hurry to a place with air conditioning…

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
Looking good

Granny: わたしねぇ〜 オシャレして お出かけするのが 好きなの!もう おばあちゃんだけどね ウフフ。年をとっても オシャレは楽しいものよ!

Granny: Me? I like dressing up and going out! Even though I’m a grandma, hehe. Even when you’re old, being stylish is fun!

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
I sure do miss summer breaks

Purple Shirt Guy: やあ!夏休みの予定は 決まってるかい?したいことは ドンドンするといいぞ!

Purple Shirt Guy: Hey! Have decided on your summer break plans? You should keep doing what you want to do!

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
He sure is persistent

Fancy Boy: こいつがさ〜 僕の妹に会いたいらしいんだ。ずっと頼まれてて しつこいんだよ。。。そんな下心まる出しのやつに かわいい妹を紹介するもんかよ!

Fancy Boy: This guy… It looks like he wants to meet my little sister. He’s always asking and is persistent… I’m not going to introduce my sister to someone whose intentions are so obvious!

Camo Shorts Boy: ともだちの 妹ちゃんがな。。。すごく かわいいってウワサなんだ!でも 兄が合わせてくれないんだよ!オレは あきらめないからな!!

Camo Shorts Boy: So my friend’s sister… There’s a rumor that she’s super cute! But he won’t put us together! I’m not giving up!!

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
That novel sounds fascinating

Old Fella: ワシは小説家でな。話づくりのために 主人公の気持ちを 考えておるところじゃ。今みたいに 蒸し風呂みたいな暑さのなか。。。ぼーっとする老人が 主人公なんじゃよ。

Old Fella: I’m an author. I’m pondering the main character’s feelings in order to write a story. Just like right now, in a humid heat that’s like a steam bath… An old man in a daze is the main character.

Yokai Watch 4 NPC
Loading up on carbs

Big Hoss: さくらニュータウンに 引っ越してきて だいぶ この町にも住み慣れてきたよ!アッカンベーカリーって パン屋が気に入って すっかり 常連になっちゃったんだ。

Big Hoss: I moved to Sakura New Town and I’ve mostly become used to living here! I like this place called Akkan Bakery and have totally turned into a regular customer!

And that’s part 2 of Springdale! Be sure to check out part i and the rest of the Let Me Introduce you to series for more Japanese reading practice. If you want to know more about Yokai Watch 4 then be sure to check out my Yokai Watch 4 Impressions!

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