Let Me Introduce You to New Bark Town

I want to try something a little different here and see if anybody out there finds this sort of post helpful. I’m basically going to post the Japanese text from each NPC in New Bark Town from Pokemon Gold and Silver with a translation that tries to be literal, but still understandable. You can try to read the text yourself and then check the translation to see how you did. I may sprinkle in some grammar information as well. Let’s get to it!


Mom: おかえり!頑張っているみたいね。2かいは ちゃんと かたづいてるわよ。それとも ちょきんのことかしら? 


Mom: むり しないでね。

Mom: Welcome back! It looks like you’re doing your best. I cleaned up the second floor. Or were you wondering about your savings?


Mom: Don’t over do it, okay? 

Plump Guy

Plump Fellow: よっ!ニック。ウツギはかせが あたらしい ポケモン みつけたんだってな。

Plump Fellow: Yo! Nick. I heard Professor Elm found a new Pokemon.

Red Lady

Red Lady: ポケギアが あれば いつでも おかあさんにげんきな こえをきかせて あげられるね。

Red Lady: If you have a Poke Gear, you can let your mom hear your lively voice anytime.

Daughter and Mother chillin

Daughter (left): ピカチュウは すでに しんかした ポケモンである!あの ウツギはかせの はっぴょうには わたしも びっくりしちゃった!さすが ポケモンしんかの けんきゅうで ゆうめいな はかせ。はあ。。。わたしも あんな すごい けんきゅうしゃに なりたいわ。

Daughter: Pikachu is an already evolved Pokemon! I was also surprised by Professor Elm’s presentation. That’s to be expected from a professor famous for evolution research. Ahhh… I want to become an awesome researcher too.

Mother (right): うちの むすめったら ウツギはかせのじょしゅになりたい!って いうこときかないのよ。*とっても ポケモンが すきなのね!そういう わたしも すきなんだけど。。。

Mother: My daughter is always saying she wants to become Professor Elm’s assistant and won’t listen a word I say. She really likes Pokemon! I mean I like Pokemon too but…

*This line is a little tricky, but 言うこと聞かない is a way to say someone is being disobedient or not listening to you. In this case, the mother is quoting her daughter and following that by saying the daughter doesn’t listen to her.

Professor Elm’s family

Elm’s Wife: あら ニックくん!うちの だんな なんだか いそがしそうだけど むりしてないかしら?ポケモンの けんきゅうに なると むちゅうで ごはんも たべないのよ。

Elm’s Wife: Oh, Nick! My husband seems really busy, but I wonder if he isn’t over doing it. When it comes to Pokemon research, he gets absorbed in it and even misses meals!

Kid: ぼくは おおきくなったら おとうさんの おてつだいを する!そして すごい ポケモンはかせに なるんだ!

Kid: When I grow up I’m going to help my dad! After that, I’m going to be become an awesome Pokemon professor!

Professor Elm’s Knowledge Palace

Assistant: 。。。はあ。。。とられた ポケモン。いまごろ どうしてるだろう。。。わるい ひとに そだてられると わるいポケモンになる といいますから。

Assistant: …Ahhh… the stolen Pokemon. I wonder how it’s doing now… They say a Pokemon becomes bad when raised by a bad trainer.

Professor Elm: どうだい たまごに へんかはあったかい?

Professor Elm: How’s it going? Any changes with the egg?

And that’s New Bark Town! If you thought this was neat and want to see more or if you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment below. If you want more Pokemon goodness, be sure to check out the Pokemon vocabulary list and the rest of the ‘Let Me Introduce You to‘ series!

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