About Game In Japanese

Greetings, Japanese learners!

Welcome to Game In Japanese where I hope to create gaming related study materials to supplement your trusty textbook. For those of you with zero Japanese study experience, click here to get started. I have some prerequisite information about the language and recommendations to get you started that I’d like to pass along. 

For the rest of you, I have compiled some (very) basic grammar lessons to help get you off the ground and vocabulary lists to make jumping into Japanese video games a little less intimidating. This site isn’t intended to be a replacement for a textbook or language classes, but should help make learning the language a little less dry. 

You can also find the ‘Let Me Introduce You to’ series here. Put simply, I walk around video game towns and introduce you to everyone with side-by-side translations of the Japanese dialogue. It’s a fun way to practice reading and mining sentences from games.

How I Started Studying Japanese

I basically started studying by jumping into the Japanese version of Pokemon Red right away and having to look up every word I came across. It was fun, but inefficient. That hasn’t stopped me from putting together tons of vocabulary lists while playing tons of games though. Learn some of these words along with your regular study routine and you’ll spend a lot less time with your head buried in a dictionary while trying to game. May I recommend starting with the Pokemon list?

I also have a page where I recommend resources that have helped me over the years as I honed in on what I’ve found works best for me. It might just be a good plan of attack to learn those pesky Kanji. 

Feel free to ask me questions here or on Twitter at @N_Mosier and remember the study grind won’t stop until you’re dead!