Retro Game Shopping in Nagoya, Japan

Nagoya, Japan
That’s nice, but where are the games?

I’ve been going through the dreaded visa renewal process so I had to make a couple of trips to my nearest immigration office which means hoping on the train and going to Nagoya. Nagoya is Japan’s 4th largest city, but doesn’t really seem to have a claim to fame, at least as far as I can tell after some low effort Google searching. I think it’s actually a great place to make a day (or two) trip out of though so that’s what we did!

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I Went to Tokyo Disneyland!

I went to Tokyo Disneyland! It was great. I had been to Disney World in Florida as a kid so that’s kind of my baseline for Disney, but Tokyo Disneyland was nice because you can make a day trip out of it. No driving for days to get to Florida or working with a Disney trip planing expert. You can just kind of show up, do your thing, and leave at the end of the day having seen most of the park. It also seems like there isn’t a single day of the year that doesn’t have a seasonal event going on. This time of year it’s Tanabata. They had a little parade and a place for people to write their wishes on Mickey Mouse shaped paper to hang. They always seem to be rotating seasonal events and merchandise to give each trip its own special something which I’m sure the diehard Disney fans appreciate.

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