About Me

I’ll keep this brief, but I figured I should have an about me page on here. My name is Nick Mosier and I’m currently living in Yamagata, Japan and work as a translator at Automaton West, a gaming news website out of Japan. I’ve been studying Japanese for a few years now and just recently passed the JLPT N1 level exam. Once I passed though, I had this, ‘Oh wow. I finally reached my goal, but I still have no idea what’s going on,’ feeling. 

The good news is that means there are a lot of words I don’t know that are just waiting to be plucked out of games and placed onto this website. I also do a bit of translation in my free time for a site called Source Gaming. There are tons of translated developer interviews, reviews, and discussion videos so if you’re into that kind of thing, give it a look! 

I hope you find at least some of the content on this site useful and feel free to reach out to me with your feedback or with suggestions of what you would like to see. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter for the Word of the Day and other game related nonsense.